Account Setup

How do truckers sign up for Truckago?

Truckers can sign up for Truckago by downloading the app from the respective app stores:

Sign up as a driver, add the information requested and a team member will be with you shortly to approve your account.

What documents are required during the account setup?

Truckers need to provide the following documents for account approval:

  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Personal Identification
  • Bank information for payouts
  • Proof of insurance
  • Any other requirements specific to their truck type
How long does it take to get the account approved?

Once the required documents are submitted, a team member will review and approve the account within 24 hours.

Can truckers add multiple trucks to their profiles?

Yes, truckers can add multiple trucks to their profiles. Simply click on “Add Truck” in the profile section and enter the details.

Load Bidding Process

How does the load bidding process work for truckers?

When a customer makes a booking, nearby truckers receive a notification to bid on the job. Truckers can choose to bid the average industry rate, 10% more or less, or enter their custom bid.

Are there tips for truckers to submit competitive bids?

Truckers can review the industry average for the specific truck journey and submit bids that align with this information.

Types of Loads

What types of loads are commonly available on Truckago?

Truckago offers various load types, including:

  • Semi-Trucks (18-Wheelers or Big Rigs)
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Box Trucks (Straight Trucks)
  • Refrigerated Trucks (Reefers)
  • Dump Trucks
  • Tanker Trucks
  • Car Haulers (Auto Transporters)
  • Curtain Side Trucks
How can truckers select specialized load categories based on their equipment?

Depending on their truck type, truckers will receive notifications for available bookings. Detailed booking instructions, package types, and cargo options are provided for each load.

How are payments processed for completed jobs?

Payments for completed jobs are processed directly through the app. Truckers receive payouts every 7 days.

Payments & Payouts

How are payments processed for completed jobs?

Payments for completed jobs are processed directly through the app. Truckers receive payouts every 7 days.

What billing information is required from truckers for payouts?

Truckers need to provide personal and bank information for payouts.

Is there a fee or percentage deducted from trucker payouts?

Truckago deducts a small % fee from every booking in the trucker’s assigned territory.

Rating System

How does the rating system work for truckers?

After a booking is complete, customers can rate their trucker. Truckers need to maintain a minimum rating of 3.5 stars to stay active on the platform.

Are there ways for truckers to improve their ratings over time?

Truckers can improve their ratings by providing excellent service and maintaining good customer relations.

Communication & Support

What communication tools are available for truckers to interact with customers?

Truckers can use in-app messaging or call the customer directly for communication.

How can truckers reach out for support or assistance?

Truckers can contact Truckago support through the in-app SOS channel or the general support line.

Is there a dedicated support team for truckers?

Yes, Truckago has a dedicated support team available for truckers 24/7.

Safety Measures

What safety measures are in place for truckers and their cargo?

Truckers can find safety guidelines at Truckago Trucker Safety.

Are there guidelines for secure and responsible transportation?

Yes, truckers can refer to Truckago Trucker Guidelines for guidelines on responsible transportation.

Updates & Notifications

How do truckers receive updates and notifications about the platform?

Truckers receive updates directly through the app, email, and phone.

Is there a regular communication schedule for important announcements?

No, there isn’t a regular communication schedule. However, important announcements are communicated promptly.

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