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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Truckago?

Truckago is a revolutionary app that allows you to book trucks for shipping your items, providing a seamless experience similar to popular ride-sharing services but tailored for freight. It opens up a world of trucking possibilities, enabling you to explore options and receive competitive bids on your truck loads.

How does Truckago work?

Simply input your pick-up and drop-off locations, select the type of truck that suits your load, and your order is sent out to local drivers. These drivers then have the opportunity to bid on your load, providing you with a range of competitive offers to choose from.

What types of trucks can I choose from?

Truckago offers a diverse range of truck types to match your specific load requirements. Whether you have a small consignment or a hefty haul, our platform ensures you can book the ideal truck for your needs.

How do I receive bids from local truckers?

Truckago connects you with a network of local truckers, and you’ll receive competitive bids directly through the app. This streamlined process ensures that you get localized offers quickly and efficiently.

Can I book a truck instantly or schedule for later?

Absolutely! Truckago provides ultimate flexibility. You can book a truck instantly for urgent shipments or schedule your shipment in advance, catering to your timeline and offering immediate solutions or planned logistics with equal ease.

How do I manage my shipping needs on Truckago?

Managing your shipping needs on Truckago is easy and efficient. The platform allows you to streamline your load requirements, make informed decisions, and choose the best match for your trucking needsโ€”all at your fingertips.

How do I join Truckago?

Joining Truckago is simple! Download the app, sign up, and transform the way you handle freight. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and efficiency of Truckago today!